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Signature Concierge Customer Service

As an NCSi customer, you receive the highest level of service. We call it our Signature Concierge Customer Experience

You Don’t Have the Luxury of Time in IT

Time is of the essence in IT, and we ensure you receive expeditious service, and have a first-class service experience with us at NCSi. We call it our Signature Concierge Service - raising the bar, and raising what your expectations should be from a partner:

• Your First Line of Support

• A Live Person Answers When You Call. Ready and enabled to make decisions quickly and efficiently, our front-line support team answers your call personally and takes charge to resolve your challenges in a timely manner, however big or small.

• Our factory-certified engineers are your first call before you reach out to a vendor’s 800 support number. No waiting in line with us – our SLA is to get back to you within the hour to provide a solution or a plan to resolve.

• We Stand In Line For You. On occasion, you may need to use vendor support but why should you waste your time waiting on hold? When you need vendor assistance, we stand in the virtual support queue for you, freeing you up to do other things, and then we call you back when the vendor support line frees up.

• Complimentary Monthly Training Webcasts

• We keep you up to date with instructional webinars, online classes and face-to-face educational events throughout the year. With change being the true constant in the technology industry, a recurring educational plan keeps your team up to speed at all times.

• Free ISM and EPM 101 Training course

• Quarterly new-hire half day remote training to get employees up to speed.

• The Most Experienced engineering team.


Time is not on your side in IT. You need a partner who responds efficiently, listens attentively, and provides timely resolution, giving you some time back in your day for other important projects.

Allow us to better serve you – please contact us toll-free at 855-864-3734 or to learn more.