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Single Source of Truth

Cyberbreaches aren’t just in the news—they are the news. Yet headlines rarely mention the No. 1 source of those breaches:

Weak or stolen passwords.
Whether they involve malware, hacking, phishing, or social engineering, the vast majority of breaches begin with account compromise and credential theft, followed by dormant lateral network movement and data exfiltration.

“weak or stolen passwords account for a staggering 81% of breaches,”
–Verizon 2017 Data Breach Investigations Report.

Security Starts with Authentication. Okta can help with:

-Single Sign-On
Centralize identity and reduce password management risk with secure access control via single sign-on

Managing multiple passwords is hard. Managing multiple good, non-repetitive passwords is even harder. Reduce password management risk by centralizing identity with single sign-on so you can ensure the passwords you do use are as strong as possible.

-Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication
Security for all of your applications. Adaptive MFA is the easiest way to secure your users and data.

Passwords have inherent limitations. Strengthen identity assurance with a variety of multi-factor authentication methods including one-time-passwords, soft or physical tokens, or even biometrics. Apply and manage these policies to all applications so data is protected no matter where or how it’s accessed.

Decrease Costs while increasing efficiency

  • Increase M&A Agility
  • Reduce IT Friction
  • Modernize Enterprise IT
  • Build 100% Cloud Mobile IT
  • Protect against data breaches
  • Enable mobile workforce
  • Secure, seamless customer experience
  • Collaborate with partners


Okta Identity Cloud

  • Single Sign-on
  • Universal Directory
  • Lifecycle Management
  • API Access Management
  • Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication
  • API Products


Your Current Challenges:

  • Islands of Authentication
  • Password Reset Management
  • Forgotten Passwords
  • Identity Lifecycle Management
  • On-boarding, off-boarding and changes in between


Okta also integrates with some of our other partners including Palo Alto Networks and ServiceNow. Contact us to schedule a demo.