Never lose sight, have all the data with the power to extract what’s relevant and drill-down for a closer look in seconds

End-user IT Analytics

Threats are inevitable. Will you see the next one?

Nexthink is the innovator of End-user IT Analytics for security, ITSM and workplace transformation. Nexthink maps all the IT services, how they are being consumed, and how the IT infrastructure is operating, from the only perspective that matters most, the end-users. Nexthink provides essential visibility and insight into IT operations and security for IT Governance.

Nexthink’s patented self-learning and artificial intelligence construct meaningful patterns and IT analytics. Patterns are analysed in real-time, enterprise-wide. Analytics are calculated across time and endpoints to detect possible security threats and system failures.

What makes Nexthink unique is the real-time analytics of all executions and all network connections and the corresponding real-time visualisation that provides new visibility and insight into what it means, in real terms, at that particular moment in time.

Nexthink’s modular architecture supports customers with 250,000 end-user endpoints. Learn how to get on top of the big data challenge posed by today’s end-user computing infrastructure.