Software Management

The number of software applications within organizations keeps growing, which also increases the complexity and risks that many organizations aren’t prepared to face. With software asset management tools and solutions from LANDESK, you reduce your software license costs considerably, simplify audit preparations, and minimize business risk.

Software Asset Management

Reduce costs, simplify audit preparations, minimize business risk

Remove the headaches associated with software license management and allocations, and face software audits with confidence.

Data Sheet

software asset management services

Reduce license costsGain detailed license and usage visibility so you don’t have to overbuy licenses as an audit protection.

Decrease IT costAutomate the process of tracking and analyzing software assets from the point of purchase from various sources and report results.

Increase business productivityTrack software downloads from self service and provide analysts with the software product information they need to help users resolve issues.

Automate discovery and data aggregationFederate software data from management systems along with purchase information from software vendors and resellers.

Standardize and normalizeSimplify asset management and eliminate the complexities associated with varied and non- standard product naming schemes.

Automate license reclamationUnderstand who is using the software and how. Reduce expenses through automated license reclamation.