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Patch for EndpointsBreathe. Evaluate, test, and apply OS and app patches enterprise-wide—automatically.


Patch thousands of endpoints with a single task and in minutes. Simple.

Never miss a Patch Tuesday update. We make sure you’re always up to date.


The 9 Steps to Prevent Ransomware right now (expertise from the FBI)

Protect your client systems and free up IT. It’s a win-win.

With compliance mandates galore and third-party apps rife with vulnerabilities, comprehensive patch management software is a must. If only it weren’t so grueling. Research, testing, deployment… talk about your time suck and network burden.

Patch for Endpoints can swiftly detect vulnerabilities in Windows, macOS, Linux, and hundreds of third-party apps (Acrobat Flash/Reader, Java, Web browsers, and more) and deploy expertly pre-tested patches.

Trim $224,000 off your budget like Sun National Bank

We can help you protect both user devices and remote devices, like point-of-sale systems, from today’s sophisticated attacks. Plus, you’ll do it all while making things easier on your IT team and your budget.

Deliver patch content faster and more consistently

Automate vulnerability assessment and patch management for even your most at-risk software, like Internet-facing applications. Protect thousands of systems with one task—even in wildly heterogeneous environments—without disrupting business.
Increase security
Establish and automate consistent policies for patching all of your assets, even those that are mobile, remote, or asleep.
Reduce risk
See, assess, and protect your endpoints to comply with security standards such as PCI and HIPAA/HITECH.
Keep business moving
Eliminate issues that slow user devices. Patch at the right time, under the right conditions, to minimize the impact on users.
Management Suite Add-on

 Secure systems you manage from the same console.


Assess patch status via scanning, dashboards, and reports.

Fast deployment

Test, package, and pre-stage automatically.

Distributed/remote patching

Patch all devices across your network while optimizing bandwidth.

When we generated our first patch report, we found PCs that had never had a single Windows operating system update. We could not manually provide the security coverage that LANDESK delivers automatically 24/7.
Sun National Bank
Gregory Pentz, Business Systems Liaison

Smarter, faster, more consistent patch management

Fail to keep up with patching needs and your whole network’s at risk. Get Patch for Endpoints to protect your most vulnerable software and keep your users productive, while IT focuses on core business goals.