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Ivanti provides you with total control over your IT by giving you the world's most innovative solutions for unified endpoint management, security management, service management and asset management, Ivanti provides a consistent, user-centered experience.

Ivanti IT Endpoint Management, Security and Service Desk Solutions

Ivanti can check off 6 of the 20 CIS Critical Security Controls – See how

Ivanti provides IT systems management, security management, service desk management, asset management, and process management solutions to organizations worldwide. Customers use Ivanti to manage over 250 million desktops, servers, and mobile devices – unifying resources, automating the delivery of assets, and improving ROI. We help you enhance worker productivity while maintaining security management. Working with a variety of markets, Ivanti enables a new dimension of business success.


Endpoint Security

Patch for Endpoints

Protect your client systems and free up IT.

Patch for Endpoints can swiftly detect vulnerabilities in Windows, macOS, Linux, and hundreds of third-party apps (Acrobat Flash/Reader, Java, Web browsers, and more) and deploy expertly pre-tested patches.

Patch for SCCM

Reduce risk. Close the application-patching gap.

When most reported vulnerabilities come from third-party apps and you have compliance mandates to uphold, patching isn’t an option. Ivanti Patch for SCCM, powered by Shavlik, is a plug-in to SCCM that automates the patch process of discovering and deploying your third-party app patches through the SCCM console.  Close the gap with Ivanti Patch for SCCM – check it out with a free trial.

Patch for Servers

Simplify server patching

Ivanti Patch for Servers, powered by Shavlik, patches everything from hypervisors to Windows, macOS (when you deploy Empower), and the third-party apps running on each.

Application Control

Secure application and endpoint control

Ivanti Application Control, powered by AppSense, gives you application control and allows IT to stop malware and ransomware, enforce end-user license agreements, control user actions based on context, and maintain fewer desktop builds.

Application Control for SCCM

Reduce endpoint security risk and control application use

Ivanti Application Control for Microsoft (SCCM) reduces endpoint security risks and adds value to SCCM application control and endpoint security functions, thanks to Trusted Ownership™ features and highly granular privilege management.

Privilege Management

Low risk, high productivity

Privilege management eliminates risk. Users don’t need admin rights to do their jobs. With Ivanti Privilege Management, powered by AppSense, you can provide users with the correct privileges they need to fulfill their roles—no more, and no less.

Privilege Management for SCCM

Apply “least privilege” to reduce risk, get compliance

With Ivanti Application Manager for Microsoft (SCCM), you can provide users with just the admin rights they need to do their jobs. Application Manager for SCCM uses highly granular privilege management to control user behavior. Configure and deploy desktop configurations via SCCM to protect endpoints.

Endpoint Security

Level up on protection with sophisticated endpoint security management.

Powerful endpoint security management—media protection, remote endpoint control, security diagnostics, flexible dashboards and reporting, and more—with app control and automated patch management. Detect and prevent threats before they impact you, and respond swiftly to infections.

Mobile Security

Secure users’ mobile devices without compromising the user experience.

Mobile devices are very personal—especially in a BYOD use case. So, mobile security requirements can’t encroach upon the way users expect to interact with their smartphones or tablets.
On the flip side, however, you must ensure that corporate content accessed from these devices is protected.



IT Asset Management Suite

Know your IT assets inside and out

IT Asset Management (ITAM) Suite, by LANDESK, encompasses two key software asset management tools: Asset Intelligence, a product built to discover and inventory owned hardware and software, connect with vendors to monitor new purchases, and then track software usage; and Asset Manager, designed to manage the life of your hardware and software from purchase through to disposal.

Asset Manager

Total asset optimization

Asset Manager tracks your IT assets to make them work harder for you. The solution’s configurable design helps you define and follow your own workflows, or implement out-of-the-box processes.
Whether managing software, hardware, server, client, virtual, or cloud assets, you gain a complete view of your IT asset management position. Plus, Asset Manager is available on-premise and in the cloud to fit your organization’s needs.

Asset Intelligence

See your assets more clearly

Ivanti Asset Intelligence, powered by LANDESK, discovers what hardware and software exists in your environment, tracks usage, and identifies areas where your IT assets can work harder.

You can reclaim unused licenses and reallocate software to reduce IT spend. Plus, with compliance management software, you can share timely information with auditors verifying compliance to ensure you survive your next software audit.



Service Management

Modernize ITSM, transform IT

Ivanti Service Desk, powered by LANDESK, provides a comprehensive IT Service Management solution. Easily automate processes to optimize the services your organization cares about. Ensure end users remain productive.

Password Central

Self-service password management

Eliminate the No. 1 reason for calls to IT with Password Central. This self-service password management solution provides fast, secure, automated password reset for end users 24/7.
Get password synchronization with one login and password policy enforcement tied to ITSM processes for zero-call resolution. Minimize user downtime and gain measurable savings.

Supply Chain(formerly Wavelink)


Modernize existing telnet and web applications for intuitive, touch-enabled awesomeness.

Our Velocity platform, powered by Wavelink, modernizes your existing terminal emulation client to provide an Android browser experience for your web application.

Host Connectivity

Access applications from all your mobile devices

Access to host and web apps unleashes the most from your mobile computing hardware—leveraging your technology investments.
From Terminal Emulation to our Industrial Browser, CETerm, Studio, and more, our portfolio of host-connectivity solutions empowers you.


Add voice to any application

With Speakeasy, powered by Wavelink, you can add voice to the applications you already have.
Whether you’re running terminal emulation or web apps, you can extend the productivity benefits of these apps with voice enablement—and deploy fast!


Ensure your mobile tech is ready for daily demands

For mission-critical mobile deployments, only Avalanche, powered by Wavelink, has a proven track record of maximizing worker productivity from the warehouse to the storefront.
For more than three decades, businesses have trusted Wavelink across various devices and operating systems to help them meet the demands of supply chain operations.

Smart Device Remote Control

Assess and troubleshoot remotely

Smart Device Remote Control solution helps speed issue resolution—giving support teams device access to replicate issues so they can diagnose and resolve problems fast.

Reporting and Analytics


Real-time reporting of IT data for every IT database you have.

Xtraction consolidates data from multiple sources and tools and presents it in one place. Pre-built data connectors mean no coding, no BI gurus, and definitely no spreadsheets. View your data in context and make smarter, faster decisions with ease.


Unprecedented visibility into endpoints and user behavior

Ivanti Insight powered by AppSense helps IT identify desktop issues before they become serious problems. It tracks critical KPIs like logon times, user profile size and application, CPU, and memory usage, so IT can make informed decisions that optimize desktop environments and reduce desktop management costs.



Management Suite

Reliable unified endpoint management for all your users’ devices. Everywhere.

Ivanti Management Suite, powered by LANDESK, is proven, reliable client management software that is core to: 1) discovering everything that touches your network; 2) automating software delivery; and 3) integrating actions with multiple IT solutions.


Cut desktop TCO, streamline desktop management, improve user experience.

Ivanti DesktopNow Plus. powered by AppSense is a workspace management solution that helps you simplify desktop deployment and administration, reduce IT costs and secure endpoints.

Environment Manager

Personalize desktops, apply contextual policy on-demand

Ivanti Environment Manager, powered by AppSense, makes the dream a reality with on-demand personalization and fine-grained, contextual policy control. IT delivers a great user experience, giving users exactly what they need to do their jobs—no more and no less.


Cloud or data center file storage, native experience

DataNow, powered by AppSense, gives your users what’s needed for fast, secure file sync, sharing, and data access.

Performance Manager

Boost the number of users on servers; control CPU-hogging apps and resource apps.

Ivanti Performance Manager, powered by AppSense, ensures every user is dynamically allocated enough CPU, memory, and disk resources to experience unsurpassed workspace performance.

Heat Software

Heat Products

Automate IT Service. Manage & Secure Endpoints. Forged by HEAT.

Delivering on the promise of truly flexible, scalable, secure, service and endpoint management solutions that solve common business challenges.
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