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Digital Defense, Inc. (DDI) is a premier provider of managed security risk assessment solutions protecting billions in assets for small businesses to Fortune companies in over 65 countries. From vulnerability to penetration and other security DDI helps you identify shore up your security.

Digital Defense – Online Security Solutions

Shrink the attack surface.

DDI can help with 2 of the 20 CIS Critical Security Controls – See the attack plan


Digital Defense’s dedicated team of experts helps organizations establish a culture of security through regular information security assessments, awareness education and decisive security intelligence helping our clients become better prepared to reduce risk and keep their information, intellectual property and reputations secure.

Vulnerability Scanning

Whether you’re a small organization or a large enterprise, there is a universal truth… new network vulnerabilities are being discovered every day and it’s imperative to find them before someone else does. Vulnerability scanning is the cornerstone element to defend against the ever-increasing incidence of data breaches. Vulnerability scanning includes:

Penetration Testing Performed by trained and certified Security Analysts utilizing proven penetration testing methodologies and industry best practices, DDI can get into the mind of a malicious hacker to determine where weaknesses reside.

Web App Penetration Testing DDI offers a Web Application Penetration Test to ensure applications do not introduce unforeseen vulnerabilities and place sensitive data at risk.

Security Awareness Education Digital Defense’s Security Awareness Education helps you provide relevant, easy-to-understand, web-based security training for key audiences: your employees, contractors and patrons. This frees up your staff to focus on their core competencies and support your strategic initiatives. Security awareness includes:

Environmental Security AssessmentsOur certified Security Analysts use the same skills and methods employed by malicious hackers in order to identify gaps or weak points in your physical and technical environments.. Security awareness includes:

Vulnerability Lifecycle Management

Vulnerability Scanning is a critical component to reducing the likelihood of an information security breach.

DDI’s Vulnerability Lifecycle Management (VLM) offers a self-managed SaaS scanning solution that is easily deployed and streamlines the assessment and the remediation workflow management process.

“We are so pleased DDI volunteered to help us better protect information about our personnel
and donor patrons through their work on this project. The combination of their cloud-based
technology and outstanding service and support enabled us to improve our security posture
and reduce risk from our operation.”
—Bob Dugas
President & CEO
Goodwill Industries of San Antonio

We understand that you need your resources focused on your core business. DDI’s VLM service offers you a scanning solution that is ready when you are, with cutting-edge scanning technology, along with matchless speed and efficiency. Our patent-pending scanning engine, Network Interrogator Reconnaissance Vehicle (NIRV), provides extremely rapid scanning of your selected devices.

Through our proprietary, online vulnerability management system, Frontline Solutions™ Platform, you have a custom online dashboard view with robust insights to help prioritize your remediation efforts….saving you time and resources!

If your organization and your team desire to manage your own network scanning with a strong, reliable assessment solution, VLM is your answer.

DDI VLM provides:

  • External Vulnerability Scanning
  • Internal Vulnerability Scanning
  • Robust Executive and Technical Reporting
  • Vulnerability Workflow Management
  • Trend Reporting
  • Activity Reporting

Start reducing your risk today with this time-efficient, cost-effective solution.

Penetration Testing

Hackers Are Out There And They Want In.

Use of the Internet for business applications and processes can expose your organization to a wide range of vulnerabilities. In fact, almost two thirds of all Internet attacks are aimed at Web applications*.
It can be difficult for organizations to tell which of these web-based offerings are secure. DDI provides Web Application Penetration Testing (WAPT) to ensure your, internally or third-party developed, web-based applications do not introduce unforeseen vulnerabilities that can ultimately lead to hacks and breaches and jeopardize corporate or customer data.

Phase One of the WAPT utilizes a variety of sophisticated and automated software tools to:

  • Perform in-depth analysis of Internet and Intranet-based web applications
  • Detect common and unique web application vulnerabilities
  • Deliver technical reports in a “green” digital format

In Phase Two, certified DDI security analysts utilize specialized Black Box and White Box techniques and other intensive tactics to further test the application. They also expose the web application to attack scenarios common to those experienced in a “real world” setting.

The security analysts conclude the web application testing process by documenting the evaluation findings and remediation steps to be utilized for discovered issues. The final report is then delivered to you via Frontline™ Solutions Platfrom – DDI’s secure, centralized, online report repository.


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