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Ivanti rocks. Enforcing the first five CIS Critical Security Controls in your organization’s network reduces the threat of cyberattack by 85%. And Ivanti is the only suite of tools that addresses all of the first five controls.  Plus, it adds control number 15 for good measure. You can’t be too careful or too secure. NCSi engineers know this. That’s why we choose Ivanti to be on point.

Ivanti’s Advantages
Let’s look at the CIS Critical Security Controls that Ivanti addresses.


Center for Internet Security (CIS) Critical Security Controls V6.1

#1 Inventory of Authorized & Unauthorized Devices
#2 Inventory of Authorized & Unauthorized Software
#3 Secure Configurations for Hardware & Software on Mobile Devices, Laptops, Workstations & Servers
#4 Continuous Vulnerability Assessment and Remediation
#5 Controlled Use of Administrative Privileges
#15 Wireless Access Control

Source: NCSi CIS Critical Security Controls Download


Know Your Network Environment
As we said, the first five controls are the biggest piece of the pie. They account for 85% of the threat reduction. Imagine your confidence level when your entire network is being inventoried, monitored, configured, assessed and controlled at all times. Threats of ransomware, viruses, and hostile acts from inside and out are detectable and preventable.

Several things matter in this process. The following points cover Controls #1, #2, and #15 and describe the features of Ivanti’s Network and Discovery solutions.


Automate the Process
Automation reduces errors, allows you to scale to network size, and saves enormous amounts of time. It also frees up personnel hours. And automation also enables the discovery of new network additions in real time, something a human monitor may miss.


Inventory All Software
Software listings include usage documentation. Usage is crucial for comprehensive security and financial reports, and whatever compliance records you must keep.


Inventory All Devices
Every device of any type which connects to the network, including remote locations connected by the internet, is automatically inventoried without the need for a virtual private network (VPN).


Visualize the Connections
See the links between the software, the devices, and the people who use them. Your organization’s assets can be added to the mix. You get a visual feel for the shape and extent of your network and its topography.


Catch Rogue Elements
If something is on the network, even for an instant, you’ll know it. Network endpoints are automatically designated on every subnet. A wireless access point that suddenly appears on your network is identified immediately.


Secure Your Devices
Ransomware is becoming one of the biggest cyber threat worries. If you are going to prevent attacks of any kind, including ransomware, you must ensure the security of your network, your devices, your software, and your assets.

Here are the aspects of Ivanti’s Security Defenses that apply to Security Control #3, #4 and #5.


Patch Management
Vulnerabilities exist in all operating systems and all pieces of software. That’s just a fact. Application updates — or “patches” — are regularly distributed by the software vendors to address these problems. Having an automated patch management system is as necessary as having an automated network monitoring system. You must patch your software as quickly as possible to avoid any dangerous exploits that may be making its rounds on the internet at the moment.


Application and File Management
Your business applications — and only your business applications — need to run from authorized devices by authorized people. Controlling the applications that run and the privileges of the users is mandatory. The files generated, and the drives they are stored on, such as hard disks and removable media, must also be secure. Encryption, deletion, all manner of file security under appropriate privileges is monitored.


Ransomware and Malware Remediation
Kill bad actions remotely and immediately. Keep them from spreading to the rest of the network and the organization.


NCSi engineers use Ivanti’s Security Suite as a key tool in analyzing and locking down your organization’s network against cyberattacks. Patching software and eliminating malware is another significant benefit from this toolkit. Implementing the first five CIS Security Controls (plus #15) takes an enormous step towards reducing your cyber threat risk. Have NCSi engineers work towards making your organization’s threat risk equal zero.


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