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Becoming an Internal Trusted Business Partner Within Your Organization

IT groups who have utilized ITIL framework to help with operational efficiencies have become much more effective in the overall business objectives. The success in coupling the overarching processes with automation and the accountability which service management processes provide, can change the way the rest of the business views IT. Organizations who have successfully implemented this are no longer referred to as “The Helpless Desk”, and as a bonus have drastically improved the perception of IT by the rest of the business.


IT Business Service Management
The next step in the evolution of IT Service Management is to truly become a partner with the other areas of the business and help them improve their services – Yes, Business Service Management.  Many other areas have the need to adopt a Service Management platform – they just don’t know it.  For example:  how does HR track the requests that are coming into their office?  Physical forms?  Emails?  SharePoint forms?  Lotus Notes?  While those methods do work to an extent, it’s not so easy to prioritize the work, notify requestors what is going on with their requests, or be held accountable.


Facilities, Administrative Requests, and Sales and Marketing requests are other areas of opportunities.  Every single one of these groups have requests, and probably have a difficult time keeping up with them.  They have no idea how long it typically takes to get items completed and the customer has no idea what is going on once they have sent in their email.   IT Service Management can assist these groups.  You’ve already got a Service Management platform (I’m assuming you do if you’re reading this).  Don’t you think that these other areas of the business would also like to take advantage of operational efficiencies and perhaps save some budget in the long run?   Yes, they probably would.  And even better, they’d probably like to run their own records and not require IT’s help, aside from perhaps the platform.


Business Service Management Becoming a Trusted Business Partner
How do we get there?  Most IT groups are understaffed, and managers are too busy trying to achieve their business unit’s targets, much less without the time to worry about another group’s.  And therein lies the root cause of the issue.


Below are a few tips to help get you to Trusted Business Partner internally.

  • Ask the managers of these groups what keeps them up at night from an operational standpoint?  Genuinely listen to their issues and try to understand them.
  • Understand the business to be able to contribute. Keep in mind the goals of the business and the needs and priorities of the department you are trying to support.  Understanding both the departmental level and how it feeds into the larger business level will help you understand how you can help them.
  • Identify areas where IT can be of assistance without taking over, and how we can demonstrate success to the business (think reduced operating cost).
  • Communicate effectively and actively. Effective communication and understanding of the challenges and goals of the departments and business helps build relationships and trust.  Once you’ve built those relationships and can communicate strong insights, you’ll be in a better position to make recommendations to these groups.
  • Speak up. To be a valuable partner, you’ll need to be able to challenge the recommendations of others in the business, but always offer a solution when doing so.


We have helped many organizations move non-IT business units onto their IT Service Management platform with much success.  Businesses have discovered it truly is possible to have all the service departments functioning efficiently, effectively, and with good communication.  Bringing other groups onto your ITSM (IT Service Management) platform shows that you have a vested interest in the business operating efficiently and in a cost-effective manner.

Now go forth, and talk to that HR Manager.  And reach out to me if you need any help.

Lisa Rowe

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