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Last week a customer from Idaho contacted us in need of Ivanti technical support. After a few attempts of trying to resolve the issue on his own, he decided to seek additional expertise.  Instead of calling Ivanti’s support line he called me here directly at NCSi to get more efficient Ivanti support. He did this for two reasons:

I work as a technical services engineer and line up our customers with support whether it be NCSI’s engineers to support him or a vendor partner support line. This customer understood that NCSI has Ivanti engineers that could help with LANDESK/AppSense/Shavlik-related technical issues, as our engineers are factory-certified and highly skilled, with years of deployment history.  This route of support is preferred by our customers because I can schedule our engineers to work with our customers and there’s no “hold time” on the phone required to do this. It’s generally a faster route and more productive.

If NCSI’s engineers were temporarily out of pocket, then I work directly with the software company on his behalf, and act as the support liaison. Waiting on hold with a software company’s support can be a task that requires a degree of patience. Because NCSI’s engineers were currently working with other customers I got in queue with vendor support for our customer in Idaho and told him that I’d conference him in on a call once a support engineer picked up. The beauty about this process is that our mutual customer can spend time troubleshooting or taking care of other tasks as I wait on hold, open a ticket, and get an engineer on the line to help resolve his issue. Banging your head on the desk is no longer required as hold music plays over and over!

The concierge service is still just as beneficial with ivanti’s new process to open support tickets. I can open support tickets on the customer’s behalf, now that it is required to do so online in order to get in contact with a support engineer. Once the ticket is created you can check a box selecting “I would like a call as soon as you’re (the assigned support engineer) available” or you can check “I would like you to call me now, I’m ok to hold for the next available engineer if needed.” The second option being the faster option but still requires you to sit on hold.

Just give me a call or send me an email and I’ll handle your next support challenge – that’s what I’m here for.

Brett – your IT Support Concierge